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Hurry in for a Limited time offer! 




German state of the art equipment, plus the highest quality pigments available on the market today, will guarantee that the job is done properly. 
These pigments don't color-bleed and don't turn into the unwanted shades after some time. My machine doesn't produce massive tissue damage and doesn't create scarring, unlike other machines widely used on the market today.


Eyebrows $250
Tired of drawing on your eyebrows every day, throw away your pencil and get ready for permanent waterproof eyebrows NOW!!! 
Misshaped eyebrows? Missing hairs? Faded color? Need to correct a previous job that faded or left an unpleasant "bluish" shade? 
No problem!!! 
Hair stroke technique will solve all your problems giving you eyebrows you've always dreamed of.


Lips $250
Always wanted brighter lips? Enhance your look by adding color and shape with permanent makeup. 
Misshaped lip contour? Faded color? Need to correct or enhance the outline, give your lips fuller look? Permanent Makeup is the choice for you!


Eyeliner Top $200, Bottom $200, Both $350
Want brighter eyes? Permanent eyeliner inside your eyelash line will give you the appearance of fuller lashes. 
Want the darkest eyeliner that won't fade to blue, like most tattoos do? Lana's Esthetic Studio is the right choice for you!


Come in for a multiple application and get a package price!



Eyeliner Top AND Bottom = $350

Eyebrows + Lips = $450

Eyebrows + Eyeliner (Top OR Bottom) = $400

Lips + Eyeliner (Top OR Bottom) = $400

Lips + Eyeliner (Top AND Bottom) = $600

Eyebrows + Lips + Eyeliner (Top OR Bottom) = $650

Eyebrows + Lips + Eyeliner (Top AND Bottom) = $800

Eyebrows + Eyeliner (Top AND Bottom) = $600






$40 Limited Time Low Introductory Offer


Say "NO" to harmfull UV Tanning and "YES" to SunLess Airbrush Tanning 

Lana's Esthetic Studio is now happy to offer a healthy tanning option without the harmful UV-Rays by providing clients with a consistent, natural-looking tan that is perfectly 100% customizable to individual skin type and preference. You can achieve a natural sun-kissed glow in a single session. 

Now, doctors and researchers have very clearly written that it is time to push the message that UV tanning causes skin cancer as opposed to what was earlier thought of as “being associated with.” They say changing the words is essential so that if the endorsed public message clearly says "UV tanning causes skin cancer" then it will save many lives. 


At Lana's, you will get the State-of-the-art equipment and organic solutions that include anti-aging ingredients, Aloe and Vitamin E to nourish and hydrate your skin.


Ultra Premium Sunless DHA Tanning Solution


Features & Benefits:


  • It delivers beautiful natural looking and long lasting results with any skin type

  • Special blend with highly concentrated antioxidant ingredients that provide an accelerated rapid full tan within 4 hours

  • Premium tan aiding and accelerating ingredients are:

    • Vegetan Premium that significantly improves color intensity and increases speed of coloration. It also protects DNA from oxidative stress that to its antioxident properties

    • Banana Fruit Prime that accelerates the tanning process. Speeds up the production of Melanin delivering a quicker more intense color, and a natural looking tan

  • Skin moisturizing and firming formula that helps revitalize the skin. Includes Aloe Vera that's known for its moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and healing properties

  • Solution includes dark bronzer color guide that aids in even application

  • It's fast drying, non-sticky and streak-free

  • Pleasant fresh clean fragrance; Paraben free





*Certified by the York Region Infection Prevention and Control For Personal Service Settings 
*Fully Insured

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